$19,500 Basement

Welcome to the $19,500 Finished Basement Promotion!

If you are here, its a safe bet that you are wondering what is included in the offer. The price is BASED on a 450 square foot area being finished. The price can fluctuate up or down based on your actual project goals. Please read the full terms and conditions below. Please Contact us for a site visit…we’d love to meet you!


$19,500 Basement Promotional pricing is based on a 450 square foot area with no more than one outside corner in the finished space. Based on maximum 8’ ceilings. Does not include egress system if required. Price includes carpet and pad floor, 2 interior doors, colonial baseboard and casing. Price includes R13 perimeter insulation. Installation of ½” drywall on walls and ceilings. Does not include drop ceiling. Painting of ceiling in flat white, walls one color and trim one color. Framing will be 25g metal studs with code approved fire blocking methods. Eight (8) 15 amp receptacles, 1 8’ section of electric baseboard heat, four (4) six inch recessed light on one (1) switch. Price includes carpet on stairs if applicable. Price includes 6 feet of open rail on stairs with one newel post where applicable.

GENERAL. In event of cancellation of this agreement by the Owner prior to commencement of construction, the Contractor is to receive compensation from the Owner for all expenses incurred to that date plus 20% of the contract sum. The Contractor may cancel this agreement because of material shortages or errors in computing the contract sum within ten (10) days of acceptance of this agreement by Owner provided that: (i) no work has commenced; and (ii) all amounts paid to the Contractor are refunded to the Owner.
PERMITS. Owner to pay all permit fees or job/location specific licensing fees in addition to contract total, if applicable. Owner to pay for all design and engineering fees that may be required by their municipality. Contractor to secure all necessary permits, if required by local municipal law. The Owner further covenants that there are no restrictions, easements of covenants restricting or requiring consent to the work to be performed. Contractor shall not be responsible for obtaining any variances should such variances by required to obtain a building permit.
LIMITATIONS. Owner to have all salvageable items removed from the interior and exterior of the construction area and construction staging areas prior to start of construction, including pictures and wall hangings on adjacent walls. Contractor not responsible for damage to items remaining in construction area, unless otherwise arranged and specified in this contract.
Owner agrees to allow contractor to place a temporary disposal container and a job storage trailer on the property at a suitable location during the entire project if needed. Owner agrees to make toilet facilities available to all workmen or compensate Contractor for cost of rented units. Contractor will dispose of all contracted job related debris and assure that the site is left safe and clean at the end of each work day.
Disposal costs are limited to all job related debris only. Should the owner decide to use the temporary containers for personal use, the contractor will have the right to bill extra for the added cost of disposal.
Although the contractor and all sub-contractors will do their best to keep job dust under control by concealing the work area, owner agrees and understands that dust from the construction may be present in the remaining existing structure during this project.
Contractor will do his best to limit the amount of dust. All construction methods will be completed per 2009 IRC.
Contractor shall not be obligated to perform any work to correct damage caused by termites or other insects, moisture, mold, dry rot or decay and any work to be performed to correct such damage shall be covered by a change order. If any pretreatment for termites or other insects is required, it will be at Owner’s expense.
Contractor calls attention to the Owner to the limitations of matching building materials (included by not limited to plaster, drywall, stucco, concrete, masonry, siding, and roofing materials). While the Contractor shall make every effort to match existing materials, texture, colors, stains, finishes, and planes, exact duplication is not promised. Contractor shall have the right to substitute materials of similar quality, pattern, and design if unable to obtain the exact matching materials.
Unless specifically included, electrical work contemplates no change to existing service panel other than the addition of circuit breakers or fuse blocks to distribute electric current to new outlets. Cost incurred in changing point of service, main switch, or meter that may be required by inspector or serving utility shall be paid to the Contractor by the Owner the same as any other extra. Changes to existing wiring in areas undisturbed by alterations are not included.
The Owner is solely responsible for the location of all lot lines and shall, if requested, identify all corner posts of his lot for the Contractor. If any doubt exists as to the location of lot lines, the Owner shall at his own cost, order and pay for a survey. If the Owner wrongly identifies the location of the lot lines of the property, any changes required by the Contractor shall be at the Owner’s expense. This cost shall be paid by Owner to Contractor in cash prior to continuation of work.
Unless specifically indicated, agreed price does not include re-routing of vents, pipes, ducts, or wiring conduits that may be discovered in removal of walls or cutting of openings in walls, floors, or ceilings.
Owner shall grant free access to work areas for workmen and vehicles, and shall allow areas for storage of materials and rubbish. Owner shall also provide utility services required by the Contractor at Owner’s cost. Owner agrees to keep driveways clear and available for movement and parking of trucks during normal work hours. Contractors and workmen shall not be expected to keep gates closed for animals and children. Contractor shall protect adequately the property and adjacent property subject to this contract but shall not be held responsible for damage to driveways, walks, lawns, trees, and shrubs by movement of trucks unless due to Contractor’s gross negligence. Owner will have work area clear of all contents before start. Any items (including but not limited to: contents, window coverings and treatments) needed to be removed by CONTRACTOR will be done so on a time and material basis, $55 per man hour, 20% on top of materials and subcontractors.
EXTRAS. No additional work or changes under this agreement will be recognized or paid for, until agreed in writing prior to those changes or additional work being executed. The contractor will submit a change order with a cost estimate for the desired change or additional work. Owner will sign the change order and agree to make payment for the changes or additional work upon billing.
Contractor reserves the right to charge Owner a fee of $ 55.00 for administration for each estimate requested by owner for any change or additional work, should the requests become frequent.
Owner agrees that they may be billed additional for any lost time due to last minute changes or additions requested by the owner that interrupt the contractor’s schedule, at a rate of $ 55.00 per hour per contractor’s employees or sub-contractors for lost time, as well as any handling or return charges for unwanted materials affected by these changes or additions. Such last minute changes that warrant a lost time charge will not include any unanticipated tasks that are necessary to implement the current scope of work contracted, however said unanticipated tasks may be billed extra. Contractor recommends that any changes, discrepancies or additions be brought to the contractor’s attention as soon as possible to avoid any such delays and additional billing.
Portions or facets of the project that fall outside of the Contractor’s responsibilities- not included in singed contract- and that are being executed by the Owner or his/her subcontractors must not interfere with the Contractors agreed upon responsibilities. Owner agrees to hold Contractor harmless for any delays or additional work caused by the Owner or his/her subcontractors defaulting on prerequisite details. Owner agrees that they may be billed a rate of $55 per man hour and 20% on top of materials and subcontractors to recover from said delays or to execute said prerequisite details. Said incidents will extend the finish date of the project. Anything herein notwithstanding, Contractor shall not be responsible for work performed by contractors or individuals neither contracted nor employed by it.
SCHEDULE. Contractor agrees to begin all contracted work on or before specified date contingent upon all permits being granted and paid for, the required deposit being received, decisions regarding design and specifications being arrived at and weather conditions leading up to the start date as well as weather conditions on the start date. Should the work be stopped by public authority for a period of thirty days or more, though no fault of the Contractor, or should the work be stopped through the act of the Owner for a period of fifteen days, or should the Owner fail to pay the Contractor any payment within fifteen days after it is due, then the Contractor upon seven days written notice to the Owner, may stop work or terminate the contract and recover from the Owner payment for all work executed and any loss sustained and reasonable profit and damages (not less than 20% of contract sum).All contracted work will be completed on or before specified date. Contractor reserves the right to extend the completion date due to any changes or additions, inclement weather, impenetrable/ unworkable soil due to freezing temperatures, rocks, or mud;  labor strikes, material delivery delays, portions of the project being completed by the owner, or delays caused by sub contractor’s that are dealing directly with the owner.
Contractor reserves the right to charge for additional excavation time and equipment should there be unforeseen conditions sub-grade. This includes but is not limited to: rocks, roots, unmarked utilities, underground springs, sinkholes and buried debris. Contractor does not assume any risk to subsoil conditions of the property and if any subsoil conditions which affect the work to be performed are encountered they will be dealt with at the Owner’s expense pursuant to a change order. If any testing or an engineered footing is required, it will be at Owner’s expense. Contractor shall not be held responsible for damage to, or removing of pipes, sprinkler lines, water or sewage disposal systems or conduits in areas of excavating, grading, paving, or construction.
Contractor Recommends that the space remodeled or constructed or repaired be heated and climate controlled to prevent excessive shrinkage and expansion of building materials. Contractor will not replace or repair cracked drywall in an unconditioned space.
INCLUDED COST ALLOWANCES (If specified).  Owner understands that a cost allowance is a specified dollar amount designated to a portion or portions of the contracted work. These portions of work may or may not have been selected or decided on at the time this agreement was drafted, therefore a dollar amount is included for each item as depicted in the specifications section as set forth by the architect and/or builder. Any other allowances not called out by the architect are specified in this agreement. The owner will use these allowances to purchase items and/or services as they are needed to satisfy this agreement and bring this project to completion.
In the event that the costs for these items and /or services exceed the allowed amount, the owner will be required to pay the difference. In the event that the cost is less than the allowed amount, the owner will receive a credit for the difference.
OWNER SUPPLIED MATERIALS (If applicable). Owner warrants that all materials supplied by Owner will be of new and standard quality, free of defects and may be/ are capable of being- installed or applied according to the RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION PERFORMANCE GUIDELINES, (Latest edition) as published by the NAHB and in a time frame consistent with normal installations for these materials.
Owner agrees to have all materials on the job site at least 7 working days prior to installation date by ETM or sub or specialty contractors. ETM will give Owner at least 10 working days’ notice of installation date. All unused materials furnished by Owner shall remain the property of Owner, and all materials delivered to the job address shall be safely stored by Owner.
If Owner fails to have the necessary materials on the job site as outlined above, Owner agrees that ETM may purchase those materials, and Owner will reimburse ETM the cost of the materials plus 20% and travel time to and from the job site to the place of purchase at the rate of $55 per man hour and 65 cents per mile for vehicle used to pick up the necessary materials at the next progress payment or final payment whichever comes first.
Owner understands and agrees to be present or have a representative present when any materials supplied by Owner for use on this job are unpacked by ETM. Owner or representative will inspect those materials for completeness of the order and for damage or for any other defects. If Owner is not present when these materials are unpacked, Owner waives any and all claims against ETM for any damaged or missing materials and will hold ETM harmless against any claims for damaged or missing materials by the Owner or the Owner’s representative.
Owner understands and agrees that damage done to any of ETM’s or subcontractors’ tools or equipment as a result of any foreign object within those materials supplied by the Owner, such as nails, bolts, screws or other metal or very hard objects, regardless of the reason, will be the Owner’s responsibility to replace (NOT REPAIR) that damaged tool or piece of equipment. Replacement of the tool or equipment will be within 24 hours of the time of damage.
Owner further understands and agrees that ETM’s only guarantee regarding the materials to be supplied by the Owner is they will be installed consistent with the RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION PERFORMANCE GUIDELINES, (Latest edition), as published by the NAHB. No other guarantees of any kind are expressed, implied or included in this contract.
Owner understands and agrees that as the supplier of materials, Owner assumes full responsibility and liability for assuring that the products meet all applicable codes and ordinances. Any resultant damage to any other part of the structure in contact with or adjacent to the materials supplied by Owner and installed by ETM, because of failure of those materials supplied by the Owner, are the Owner’s sole responsibility for repair or replacement. ETM’s liability will be for the labor only if it is determined by a neutral third party that the Owner’s materials were installed incorrectly by ETM, thus causing the damage to the structure.
PAYMENTS. All deposits, progressive, extra and final payments will be made according to following guidelines. All payments are due when invoiced according to the term language in the quote, contract or invoice. Acceptable forms of payment are personal, bank, or cashier’s checks, cash or credit card. Checks that are not accepted at ETMs financial institutions due to insufficient funds of OWNERs method of payment are subject to reimbursement of the finical institutions fee for insufficient funds, as well as administrative time spent by ETM at a rate of $55 per man hour and 65 cents per mile. Credit card payments will be increased by 2.75% (or current transaction rate enforced by ETMs credit card processing company) before time of swipe, to cover transaction rate/fee. ETM not responsible for security of information communicated to credit card processing company. Past due balances of 30 days or greater are subject to late fees of 15% per month, compounding monthly. Past due balances of 60 days or more will be turned over to a collection agency. OWNER is responsible for past due balance, late fees, and collection fees associated.
HAZARDOUS MATERIALS. Unless herein specifically provided for, the Contractor shall not be responsible for removal and for disposal of any “Hazardous Materials” as defined by any Federal, State or Local law, regulation, or ordinance, including without limitation, lead base paint, mold, asbestos and asbestos containing material, and if such “Hazardous Materials” are encountered in the course of the Contractor’s work, then Owner shall pay any and all additional costs to remove and/or dispose of such “Hazardous Materials” in accordance with such Federal, State, and Local laws, regulations, and ordinances. OWNER HERBY WAIVES AND RELEASES CONTRACTOR FROM ALL LIABILITY FOR ANY DAMAGES, BOTH TO PERSON AND PROPERTY, SUFFERED BY OWNER AS A RESULT OF CONTRACTOR’S REMOVAL OF HAZARDOUS WASTE INCLUDING LEAD BASED PAINT. OWNER AGREES TO INDEMNIFY AND HOLD CONTRACTOR HARMLESS FOR ANY DAMAGES SUFFERED BY CONTRACTOR AS
WARRANTY. ETM Remodeling LLC will guarantee all workmanship and labor for a period of 12 months from the date of completion of all contracted work, unless otherwise noted. This warranty will not cover any equipment or materials that offer their own warranty. This warranty will not cover anything that is damaged by neglect or any acts of God. ETM will not honor warranty on projects where OWNER has defaulted on payments. ETM Remodeling LLC will transfer all Manufacturers’ product warranties of materials/ products used to Owner. ETM Remodeling LLC. Reserves the right to determine if the claim constitutes replacement or repair. In no event will ETM Remodeling. responsible for any cracking or shifting of concrete, floors, patios, walks or foundations, as this is a natural occurrence beyond the control of any contractor. ETM Remodeling LLC will not be required to paint after any said warranty repairs are made. Owner agrees to notify ETM Remodeling in writing of any requested warranty repairs. ETM Remodeling LLC agrees to respond within 24 hours of receiving any warranty claim. Owner agrees that unless the claim is a “True Emergency”, that they will keep a running list of repairs needed so that ETM Remodeling LLC can schedule a onetime return to satisfy the claims, to the extent possible. ETM Remodeling LLC will not provide warranty on replacement of Treated Deck boards or Treated railingThis agreement is limited to projects, materials, and costs described above. Any extra work to be quoted separately. The Contractor is authorized to display a yard sign on the property until completion of work. The Contractor is authorized to photograph and video the work, and to publish the documentation (included but not limited to newspaper, magazine, and the internet). The Contractor will not use the last name of the Owner unless given permission.
By signing the job specific contract agreement, Owners agrees that they have been extended a copy of and have read the terms and conditions above, and agree to all of the proceeding subject matter and its resolutions.